Mia Countryman
Mia Countryman


b. 1986, HK.




My session with Mia was very relaxing and helped to turn off my 'mind chatter.' It was great to step out of my usual thought pattern and see things from a fresh perspective. It felt as if anything was possible for me. 😊Such a cool experience! - Jenn D

I did the Access Bar session and left feeling rejuvenated, a sense of clarity and energized! I will be back! - Katie B

I had an Access Bars session with Mia today and am still feeling shifts! Throughout the whole process I could feel energy patterns shifting and releasing. I left in a much more clear mental state than I have felt in a long time. Thank you, Mia, you are an amazing light worker! - Amy M

What a wonderful experience. I was a little skeptical, but willing to try anything to relieve some stress that I had been feeling. Wow! Is all I can say. I will definitely be back. - Wendy E

I too was on the skeptical side of things, but I felt fabulous afterward and even better the next day. The session was just what I needed to relax and release. Thanks for your work, Mia. - Petra L

I highly recommend a session with Mia. She is a warm nurturing soul & this is an energy technique that should be on everyone's self-care list! - Carrie E

Mia has a way of creating a relaxed and open space. She used her knowledge of access consciousness to facilitate an authentic experience. I left feeling open to more creativity and curiosity. -Leah B

I shattered my arm and have a steel bar in it. Early in the healing process I had a session with Mia. It was such a positive, healing experience. In the places where I had the most pain you could feel the healing energy moving from Mia into my arm. After so much trauma it was wonderful to feel the peace and serenity that the healing energy brought to me. -Carol S